Print 1 & Print 2

Our newly released Print 1 & 2 Books and fans feature an array of our printable rigid and flexible films in a variety of substrates.

Print 1 highlights a range of clear and colored printable PET [Polyethylene terephthalate] and PVC [Polyvinyl Chloride] films ideal for your print project.

Print 2 features a selection of HDPE [High Density Polyurethane] and PP [Polypropylene] films in clear tints and opaque as well as in various finishes. 

For an overview of printable films we offer, view our print material sales sheet: Click Here

Lines cards: Print 1 & Print 2

Milan 1 & Milan 2 Line Cards

Introducing Milan 2, the newest addition to our Milan Collection of PU [Polyurethane films].  Milan 2 features a variety of contemporary polyurethane films in 9 plush textures with 56 beautiful colors to fit your  turn-edge project .

Our Milan 1 features 4 elegant designs with 54 classic colors to choose from.

The Milan 1 & 2 Collections are perfect for menu covers, turn-edged use and high-end hospitality applications. Both collections are  Phthalate-Free, lead-free, BPA-free and comply with CA PROP 65.

For more information view our Milan 1 & 2 sales sheet: 
     Milan 1 Sell Sheet
     Milan 2 Sell Sheet

Line Cards: Milan 1 & Milan 2